With the continual growth of the automobiles industry, the auto parts industry is growing too

Auto parts can be broadly divided into two categories, original (OEM, or “original equipment manufacturer”) and duplicate auto parts. The original parts tend to be
more reliable, more durable and safer of the two, since these parts are backed by big brands or the actual car manufacturer.

Duplicate auto parts may be fine, but it’s sometimes impossible to know what quality you’re getting – these “no-name” auto parts are made to look like exact replicas
of the original parts so as to sell it to the audience looking for the cheaper range of products.

The duplicate auto parts may not go through the quality assurance tests that name brand car parts to and may not meet the safety or quality standards. The unbranded
companies, in an attempt to reduce the cost of the products, ignore the standards and provide lower quality goods which cost less to manufacture and distribute. The
biggest risk factor when it comes to these duplicate parts is that these look exactly like the original counterparts and unless your mechanic is being reliable, you
cannot easily tell whether the part is duplicate or original.

To protect yourself from these types of auto parts fraud, you should get a reliable auto mechanic and stick to getting your parts fixed from there. The repairmen who
work on your automobiles know which parts are original and which are not. However, if they are not honest and trustworthy, they can easily get your car outfitted with
a duplicate part and that would not last as long as the original part would nor will it give the same performance.

However, that might raise the question that why do people still use the duplicate parts? Well, the answer is simple, the duplicate auto parts are cheaper replacements
of the original parts and at times, when the original´s manufacture has been discontinued, the duplicate becomes the only option for the vehicle owner. However, in
most cases, the owner unwittingly gets the duplicate parts because the repairman at the repair garage wanted to make some extra money and decided to sell you the
duplicate parts claiming that they were the original ones.

With the technology to manufacture these auto parts becoming even simpler and cheaper, the tendency of people to develop these cheaper, less safe, auto parts will only
increase and this will ultimately give rise to issues which will create suffering for all involved. This trend should be discontinued as although these cheaper parts
increase profit, it does so by placing people´s lives at risk and ignoring the safety of the consumers which is a very dirty strategy of doing business.So be sure to
ask your auto repair expert about the type of auto parts they use.

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With the continual growth of the automobiles industry, the auto parts industry is growing too

Debating Between Two Different Types of Cars


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Debating Between Two Different Types of Cars