Cars for Teenage Girls

Safer Choice:

If a parent is eager to buy the first car for his teenage girl than his choice must be reliable. The very first priority of a parent should be to avail her a good learning course for driving. In this way she would be trained by a good driving coach about all the road laws and driving techniques in order to become an expert and skillful driver. It will be very helpful for her to obtain the driving license without any inconvenience. To choose a car,especially when it is for your teenage girl is very responsible and careful step. Parents should consider protection and security the first aspect while choosing autos for them.


Parents should be guided by these recommendations before they purchase car for their teens.

•    To gain the control over the vehicle, when roads are curved and slipper or the situation is troublesome Electronic Stability Control is needed. Electronic Stability Control helps the driver to maintain the control level.

•    Huge and bigger vehicles have been proved safer while small car crashes.

•    The vehicles with more powerful engines persuade the drivers to test the limits. High horsepower must be avoided.

•    Vehicles having best safety ratings from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) must be selected for a safe and secure driving for your girl.

•    To choose a safe car for your teenage girl you should make sure that the vehicle is having a good crash safety control and is equipped with safety airbags and anti-lock-brakes.

Safe Cars for Teenagers

Every girl deserves a car shielded with advanced safety machinery, for a secure and confident drive. Here is a list of five affordable autos that will be suitable for inexperienced teenage drivers.

•    Chevrolet Spark

It is one of the most protected cars in the market. It is a best choice for those who are concerned about the safety as it contains ten air bags. It is power-dense, fuel-efficient and easy to use. The market price of this ideal first auto is $13 thousands.

•    Ford Fiesta

With the safety equipments and its stylish design, it fulfills the demands of both parents and teens. It has shown a very good performance and demanding results in car crash tests as it is compact size and also includes knee airbag for driver’s safety.

•    Honda Civic

Due to its sporty and sleek looks it is admired by teenage drivers the most. It is very good choice of parents for their inexperienced teenage girls due to its reliable protection. As it has top scores in all kind of car crash tests.

•    Hyundai Veloster

A girl who is looking for an affordable, fuel-efficient and classy car then it is a perfect choice. Its starting price is $19 thousands, a very reasonable price for such a stylish and sleek auto.

•    Kia Soul

Its unusual attractive design appeals to the buyers. With a good score at car crash tests it assures about its safety features. It is an affordable, compact vehicle with a fair starting price of less than $16 thousands.

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Cars for Teenage Girls

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